Sports medicine helps athletes of all levels return to the activities they love by providing custom treatment solutions aimed at their needs. Dr. Fardin Hakakian is a top provider of sports medicine for patients in Tarzana, CA, offering patient-centered treatment for optimal results.

What is sports medicine?

Sports medicine is the area of medicine that’s focused on the treatment of injuries that occur during sports and other physical activities as well as any type of injuries that affect athletes of all levels. Doctors who are trained in sports medicine understand the unique stresses, strains, and demands on the joints, bones, and soft tissues including muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and they’re skilled in prescribing treatment programs aimed at helping patients get back to the activities they love. Plus, they can provide guidance to help athletes avoid future injuries and learn how to train better, compete more effectively, and enjoy their sport more fully.

What are the most common types of sports injuries?

There are dozens of types of sports injuries that can affect the feet and ankles, including injuries sustained during direct impacts like falls or contact injuries and indirect impacts from unusual strains like twisting a joint or bone. Injuries can occur in any type of sport, including individual sports like rock climbing, running, and hiking. Pulled hamstrings, strains, tendonitis, fractures, plantar fasciitis, arch pain, and sprains are among the most common sports injuries that affect the feet and ankles. Injuries can range in their severity from mildly annoying to intensely painful. Without proper care, they can cause deformity, chronic discomfort, and problems with mobility.

How are sports injuries treated?

Treatment depends on several factors, including the type of injury, its location, the extent or severity of the injury, and the patient’s treatment objectives. Options for treatment of sports injuries can include physical therapy, oral or injected medications, shockwave therapy, splinting, casting, surgery, and other approaches to care. Each treatment plan will be carefully developed based on the needs of the individual patient for optimal outcomes.

Is sports medicine just for professional athletes?

No, sports medicine can help athletes of all levels including pros, students, and casual athletes get the care they need to help them return to the activities they love as soon as possible and in the best possible shape. Plus, patient education, training, and performance guidance can help athletes of all types avoid future injuries.

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